Empower more people
Investing in, supporting, and promoting ideas that use energy to improve education and health, and create opportunities for more people.
Energy Transition

Distributed generation to improve reliability and reduce carbon.

Green Hydrogen solutions using reciprocating engines/turbines to leapfrog problematic fuel cells.

Taken for granted by many, electrification improves access to education, health care and economic development in developing countries and remote areas.

HVDC Transmission to physically deliver stranded renewables to load centres via innovative (low impact) pathways.

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Natural Medicine

Applying empirical rigour to traditional plant-based medicinal remedies.

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Food 2.0

Growing in controlled or underutilized places and other practices that accelerate the transition to sustainable, resilient food systems.

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Comfortably cutting new trails: From Wind to green Hydrogen, our principal investments have helped establish practices in important but nascent industries. And we're doing it again with Distributed Energy Resources.
rolling green hills with wind turbines in the distance → Renewable electricity, electrolyzer, hydrogen turbine
Green Hydrogen

Current H2: On-site, distributed energy using hydrogen as a carbon-free fuel.

Energy Transition

picture of John and his Peruvian project guide → Off-grid in the mountains near Urubamba, Peru
Sparking Opportunity

Off-grid remote power: Providing energy and technologies to off-grid communities.

Ground-level tech solutions

Two decades of pioneering energy transition projects: Employing the Hollywood model to convene the right partners for each project, Douglas Capital has a track record in large, complex, multifaceted, multi-stakeholder energy transition projects.
Current H2 Inc.

Independent Green Hydrogen Power Producer that owns, operates and finances Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)



oneGRID Corp.

HVDC transmission development company developing the 1,000 MW Empire State Connecter linking Upstate NY to NYC



Public Energy Inc.
public energy power equipment in corrugated metal emplacements, outdoors

Independent Power Producer that owns, operates and finances DERs



Pacifico HVDC Link

1,000 MW HVDC transmission line that will connect Peru to Chile



Lake Erie Power Corp.
siemens hvdc equipment

1,000 MW HVDC transmission line that will connect Ontario to Pennsylvania

Sold to ITC Holdings 2014


Transmission Developers Inc. (TDI)

$6 Billion, 1,250 MW HVDC transmission line frm Montreal to NYC down the Hudson River

Sold to Blackstone Inc. / Construction started 2022


Ventus Energy Inc.

Canadian wind developer that built the first wind farm (99 MW: West Cape Wind Farm, PEI) to export into the US.

Sold to GDF Suez 2007 for $200m