Pacifico HVDC Link Inc.

HVDC Transmission Line Developer

In 2014, I co-founded and provided seed capital to Pacifico HVDC Link Inc. (“Pacifico”). (see ). 

Pacifico is developing a 700 kilometer 1,000 MW HVDC electric transmission line that will connect Peru to Chile. Energy and capacity will be delivered from an AC/DC converter station in Peru that will be built near the city of Moquegua in the Ilo district. Transmission lines located along the Pan-American highway will cross the international border between Peru and Chile. The southern terminus will be located near the city of Calama in the Antofagasta region. 

The Project will provide an opportunity for the Sistema Interconectado del Norte Grande (SING) sytem in Chile to tap into new sources of energy including hydroelectric, wind and other renewables as well as combined-cycle gas generation. In doing so, it significantly improves grid reliability and stability in SING, will reduce electricity congestion and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region. This new energy transmission project will be financed by the private sector and will provide energy security, reduce energy costs for the consumer, create hundreds of jobs and add significant economic benefits to each local economy. 

In 2014, additional development capital was obtained from JCM Capital Group. (see Today, I am the Chairman of Pacifico’s Board of Directors. 

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