oneGrid Corp.

HVDC Transmission Line Developer

Given the potential to develop other large scale HVDC transmission across the Americas, in 2015, I co-founded and provided seed capital to oneGrid Corp. OneGrid is focused on developing HVDC projects primarily on North America but will also look at the South America and the Caribbean. Development capital is being provided by Forum Equity Partners. (see ).

Today, I am the CEO of oneGrid and serve on the Board of Directors. 

An Entrepreneur's Windfall

Just four years ago, John Douglas was struggling to raise money to run Ventus Energy, a wind farm company he operated from his house. Yesterday, global energy company Suez bought the company for $124-million.

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Lake Erie Cross-border Power-line

Project reaches milestone: A bold plan to build a billion-dollar underwater electrical transmission line across Lake Erie has reached a crucial milestone with filings to key regulators in Canada and the United States.

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