Lake Erie Power Corp.

HVDC Transmission Line Developer

After investigating additional opportunities to develop HVDC transmission projects in North America, in 2012, I co-founded and provided seed capital to Lake Erie Power Corp. (“LEPC”). (see LEPC is developing a 120 kilometer long 1,000 MW HVDC transmission line that will connect Ontario to Pennsylvania underneath Lake Erie via a submarine cable. In 2013, additional development capital was obtained from JCM Capital Group. (see 

In June 2014, ITC Holdings Corp. (see ) acquired the ownership and development rights for the Lake Erie Connector from LEPC. LEPC continues to support the development of the Lake Erie Connector which will move energy between Ontario, Canada and Pennsylvania, U.S.A. where it will be connected to the PJM network (Regional Transmission Organization comprised of thirteen states including Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia). Using safe and reliable HVDC technology, the transmission line will be buried under Lake Erie. The line will have minimal environmental impact during and after installation and have low visual impact due to underwater cable route.

Today, I am the CEO of LEPC and also serve on the Development Committee responsible for co-developing the project. 


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